We all know that time travel just isn't possible . . . don't we?  Erin knows it, of course.  How can she explain what happens to her when she buys an old house and finds a locket hidden in a wall? 

     Can she prevent the tragic bloody deaths of young lovers Isabelle and Flynn?  Erin can't explain it at all.  You see Isabelle and Flynn died one hundred years ago, in 1910.  Is Erin being given the chance to save the young lovers, or is this a cruel twist of fate that could see her threaten the very existence of someone she loves dearly in her own time?

     Only one thing is certain, the more Erin tries to change the events of the past, the more she comes to see that time has its own agenda . . . and there appears no way to stop it. 

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    In the 18th century, when people saw the moon shrouded in a red glow they knew that great changes were on the horizon.  On a small Caribbean island, Daniel sees the fiery moon as he and Emma run for their lives through treacherous jungle territory laced with fearsome claw traps.

     Zed also sees the intense glowing moon, and knows without a doubt that his life will change; for he is a runaway slave fleeing through the jungle.  The woman he carries in his arms he has stolen from Clayton BlackAdder, the most powerful and ruthless man on the island.

     On board a pirate ship, The Scallion, Jake has no idea that his life will soon change forever.  How could he possibly have imagined that he would meet an Irish fugitive and a runaway slave, or that he will soon use his considerable pirate cunning to aid these unlikely companions in their desperate struggle against a formidable and devious foe?



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    Set in Chicago in the late 1880's, this wonderful narrative portrays the perfect blend of fact and fiction. 
Anne had finally overcome a difficult childhood, the loss of her mother, and brutal attack by an unknown assailant.  She cared for her younger brother, as she had promised their dying mother.  Anne worked hard, using the talents she possessed . . . ambition, creativity, and sewing, which eventually led to her own fashion house.  She had it all . . . but did she really?  Where was the love?

    While Anne and her brother Billy struggled to make their way, Chicago became infected with a psychopath of the worst kind and he was frightening people to death . . . literally.  Murder and mayhem snuck into Chicago as the nation's first serial killer reared his ugly head.  Sadly, his victims were mostly women.  Members of the Pinkerton Detective Agency were baffled.  How did this cruel murderer lure victims into his trap?  Why did they trust him?  Who was he and why couldn't they catch him?

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   This popular series is adored by adults and teens alike.  You will love reading about the orphaned girl who grows up displaying an innate way with animals.  By the age of five, Kalina showed that she was in possessionn of the ability to heal!
​    The series opens when Kalina is nearly sixteen.  The family was forced to move again to help protect Kalina's secrets.  Not long after settling in their new home, a white mare begins to haunt her dreams.

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   In early Chicago, a starving girl of French and native blood deliberates taking the road to the re-settled tribe or crossing the river to seek the one who told her, "Return to me". Later, shattered by loss and caught by church dictates, babies at her breast and the minister at the door, she must decide her future again.
   Follow this sensual period drama of life in the 1830s when pestilence raged and magnates made fortunes.  Can love survive clashing cultures, an overly attentive younger brother and slaughterhouse labor?  Allow this sultry period drama to sweep you back to an earlier time.

   For mature readers.